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August 5, 2008  
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Mormon Temple San Diego CaliforniaThe Mormon church’s San Diego temple has been a rich blessing in the lives of members and non-members alike since it became the forty-fifth operating Mormon temple at the end of 1993. One small story recounted in the Church News (5 March 1994) recounts some of the tender feelings that this temple arouses for people:

In the San Diego California Temple rests an envelope addressed to Jesus, c/o the San Diego Temple. It’s there because of the beautiful faith and devotion of a child.

At a family home evening, this youngster, not yet 4 years old, completed coloring a Nativity scene in a coloring book. When he was through he asked his “daddy” to mail it to Jesus. Dad said he didn’t think it would be possible to send it to Jesus because there is no postal service in heaven.

A thoughtful discussion followed. The inquiry from the boy, then, was could the letter be delivered to the temple, because “that’s where Jesus lives.” So, the next evening, the father, mother, and twin children brought the envelope to the temple, the House of the Lord.

It was a moving experience for the member of the presidency who met them at the entrance to receive this sacred trust and to witness in the eyes of an almost 4-year-old wonderment, love, devotion and faith.

Why do Mormon temples arouse such feelings of love, anticipation, and devotion among the faithful? What makes them special to Mormons? What goes on inside Mormon temples? Why aren’t they open to everyone to enter and enjoy?

Questions such as these have been on minds of many people who consider these magnificent edifices. Since the San Diego temple was dedicated in 1993, the number of Mormon temples around the world has almost tripled. As more temples arise in more places, more people ask questions such as these.

Hopefully, this Web site will be able to answer some of those questions-particularly in relation to the San Diego temple. Click one of the links available at the top of any page on this site, and you will discover more about Mormon temples and what they really are.

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